Who we are


We have written a concept for the NERA building - the NewERA concept - and are now implementing it.

The NERA building was established in 1948, as a radio station that would intercept signals from the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. It is located in the centre of the Netherlands in a nature reserve. The NERA building is getting a new meaning. It will now be a receiving station for warm peace. This is the basis of our philosophy. NewERA will promote world peace in the broadest sense of the word.

NewERA wants to show a society that is organized in such a way that it benefits everyone and not just a limited part of humanity. We also focus on nature. Man is in nature, but nature is also in man. Together they are an organic whole. We want NewERA to inspire people and help create a new world in which there is a valued place for every living being.

Key element in this is the mind set of “the circle of giving” where the attitude what's in it for me has made way for the attitude what do I have to offer and add. How can I use my potential to make the world more beautiful and better. Mental wellbeing is central to this instead of materialistic prosperity. With NewERA we want to show that giving does not mean that you get less, but that it is an enrichment at multiple levels. A number of components of this are: more economic equality, more social connection, more intensive connection with nature, a cleaner environment and more individual freedom.


Within NewERA we want to use the most innovative developments for the intended transition.Innovation is a process of awareness, taking responsibility and taking actual steps. This explicit approach is reflected in the sustainable way of energy generation (hydrogen), sustainable construction, vegetarian and organic food in the restaurant that focuses on a shortened  food chain, simple yet high-quality prefab hotel rooms, no unnecessary noise and light pollution. In addition, (personal and business) retreats are organized to give people new insights about the NewERA and thereby encourage them to a new way of thinking and acting. Inspiring conferences and cultural events with appropriate themes will also take place.