We have written a concept for the NERA building: the NewERA concept.

We are in charge of the project and are now implementing it.

The NERA building was established in 1948, as a radio station that would intercept signals from the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War. It is located in the centre of a nature reserve. The NERA building has been owned by Jan Hermsen since 2012. In November 2019 Jan asked us to write a concept for the future of this building. The concept we have written is called NewERA. We are giving the NERA building a new meaning. It can now be a receiving station for warm peace. This is the basis of our philosophy. NewERA will promote world peace in the broadest sense of the word.

NewERA wants to show a society that is organized in such a way that it benefits everyone and not just a limited part of humanity. We also focus on nature. Man is in nature, but nature is also in man. Together they are an organic whole. We want to create a balanced climate on all levels; social, economic and cultural. We want NewERA to inspire people and help create a new world in which there is a valued place for every living being.

In the form of retreats, we want to give people a special experience so that they can integrate a piece of NewERA into their lives. We want to do this by offering people a place where the focus is on personal development and reflection. The form of the retreats may vary from a short magical experience in the Lantern (the glass house on top of the building) to a several-day total experience. These retreats for inspiration and well-being are innovative and inspiring. 

There will also be a hotel, a restaurant and an area for conferences, concerts and business events.

There are four stages: design, cost, feasibility and realization.


We are currently in collaboration with: 

  • Vastbouw B.V., building contractor  

  • Jules Zwijsen, architect

  • Rob Aben, landscape architect

  • Synthesis Retreat, legal psilocybin

  • Wim Hof Method, ice man

  • VKZ, advice for building management

  • Maitreya, Tibetan-boeddhist organisation