True purpose
provides happiness


Consumerism and capitalism seem not to be the best way to progress with the world. It is based on the premise that materialistic wealth can provide happiness. In our view consumerism is just compensating the lack of meaningfulness and hence happiness.

We want to organize society in a new way, based on spiritual values instead of only economical ones. A society led by mental wellbeing instead of materialistic hunger. Ultimately, having a true purpose provides happiness.

If it is up to us there will be a fundamental change in the way of investing. There should be only sustainable investing. No more money should go to ventures that damage people, health and nature. Investors and ventures should take true responsibility and fulfill a role of caretakers.

Money should be used to create more possibilities to make the world more equal and to solve the polluted earth.
Everyone should ask themselves: what can I do, what do I have to give. People should take responsibility for their past, current and future actions.