Create a mycelium
of likeminded people


Our investing is twofold. We invest in ventures that have this shared philosophy of transforming taking into giving. We also wish to create a new network with people and organizations that share this view so together we will have an impact.

Mycelium, What PI DOES

Working with ventures
For us investing is not just about investing money. We want to look after the ventures that we are involved in and share responsibility. We want to be fully committed and therefore provide support within a large variety of domains, for instance from business advice to practical personal support and getting the right investors on board.

In the first instance we help ventures to get their concept clear and so create a sustainable basis for further development.
At the same time we help them to create a strong business plan. It appears that a lack of one of both is a major pitfall. We therefor put a lot of effort in this to minimize risks. 

When we have gone through this process and if we think the venture can develop in a healthy way we can become a lead investor and/or if necessary create a syndicate of investors. Our commitment will also be implemented through a shareholder position.

Creating a mycelium of likeminded people
We wish to connect with all kinds of ventures, organizations and investors that are also looking for a more sustainable and meaningful society. We wish this network to empower and help each other to find new ways to change the consumer attitude into a true purpose behavior. Our focus is on the domain of personal transformation and sustainability.