Who we are


At PI I am the one who developed the Concept Development Design to get an inside in the true core and to get clear what the personal philosophy is and what people stand for. I use my expertise as a performer where I develop music theatre concepts. I also coach people with their presentation concerning content and expression/voice. My performances are also about opening up people by letting them experience emotions to deepen the connection with themselves. I am really interested in what drives people and I like warm heartedness, openness and sharing. I am happy to work with Robert. He is an open-minded person. He has an extensive knowledge about trends. Besides that he is a great networker, persistent and able to see opportunities and last but not least: he is a funny runner bean.

Concept Development

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Radioweg 3

1394 AR

Nederhorst den Berg 

The Netherlands


I have invested for many years to make money and accumulate stuff but at a certain point I didn’t find this satisfying anymore. I like to use my potential to make impact on sustainability. I am now in a period in my life in which I need to solve miss haps. I like to read a lot and I am curious to learn about opinions and ideas to find new solutions in the area of sustainability and investing. I have a big network to engage with on this. 

I like to work with Quirine because she has such a good approach for defining a true concept and because she is also fully dedicated. She is creative, warm and a loving person who is able to really inspire people to make a change. Her power is to get to the essence of what it is all about. 

Business Development

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  • find it difficult to define what you stand for and need help to develop a strategy for your venture.

  • have difficulties with writing an inspiring presentation and need some help to make it vivid as well to have it make an impact.

  • are interested in our approach and looking for projects to invest.

  • feel engaged with our vision and want to enlarge your network together with us. Then contact us!